It’s been a hot minute.

I haven’t updated this blog since I posted several of my teaser videos. It’s been a while!

My book is doing about how I expected it to. I had high hopes, but I’m an unknown! Rome was not built in a day, and my rap sheet as an author won’t be either. I try to keep that in mind. Especially when it’s been days with no sales or KU reads.

But! I did have a happy anecdote to share with you. (Well, at least it makes me happy. 😂)

A close friend of mine bought her mother who is an avid reader a copy as a gift. She didn’t tell her mother who wrote it because frankly, I prefer to remain anonymous. Anyway, her mother is now three-quarters of the way through the book and loving it. She told her daughter to inform the author that she expects a sequel because she’s loving the story so much.

Little does she know, I am, indeed, working on the sequel. I’m currently in the last story arc for it and I hope to have it ready for publication sometime early 2022.

If you haven’t yet gotten your copy or your ebook copy of No Longer Alone, please make this author’s heart all warm and fuzzy by checking it out on Amazon. If you have purchased and read it, please leave me a five star review if I deserve one. I would really appreciate it!

You can get your copy or check it out here!


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I am an avid reader who decided one day to write a story of my own.

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