Character Bio for No Longer Alone – Sunny

The last main character to introduce you to is our female protagonist, Sunny. You’ll have to read the book to learn her last name. At 30 years old, Sunny decides to follow her life-long passion of studying the supernatural and head to Korea to study the biggest legend of them all – Blood Mountain. SunnyContinue reading “Character Bio for No Longer Alone – Sunny”

No Longer Alone – Character Bios – Ji-Guk

So we have met Blood Mountain, and the vampire Lee Gyeong-Tae. But our next main character has a presence almost as big as the previous two. When our story begins, Jung Ji-Guk is a young, injured werewolf, banished from his pack. A mere pup by werewolf standards, Ji-Guk is only twenty-years-old when he finds himselfContinue reading “No Longer Alone – Character Bios – Ji-Guk”

No Longer Alone – Character Bio – Lee Gyeong-Tae

Gyeong-Tae (Kee-yong-tay’) is the resident vampire in our story. He’s a no nonsense kind of guy, as most vampires would be, right? He likes his alone time and guards it fiercely. His past has left him wary of people in general, and he is very choosy about who gets close and who doesn’t. He lovesContinue reading “No Longer Alone – Character Bio – Lee Gyeong-Tae”

No Longer Alone Character Bios

Who doesn’t love a good character bio? Or even a photo reference? I thought we might work our way through the book’s main characters as we approach the release date of June 18th. (ebook can be preordered here. Physical copy will be available June 18th as well.) Let’s start with the biggest character in theContinue reading “No Longer Alone Character Bios”